20th June 2014: In the wake of a controversy concerning time limits for speakers in panels at the XXIVth International James Joyce Symposium, the International James Joyce Foundation wishes to state the following:

The panel Chair has an absolute right and an equally absolute obligation to maintain time limits. The Symposium guidelines clearly state the following: “The Chair of the session should be strict in enforcing time limits, so that there will be a genuine chance for meaningful reactions by members of the audience, for at least fifteen minutes. The Chair should inform each speaker when two minutes are left and must terminate the presentation when the time allotment has run out.”  Such a policy is consistent with every association affiliated with the MLA.
Here’s the most important part of the message from Ruth Frehner and Ursula Zeller:
“… As of Bloomsday 2014 the manuscripts of the Hans E. Jahnke Bequest are available online!
An intensive and enjoyable collaboration of more than six months between the Foundation and the National Library of Ireland has thus reached its happy conclusion — just in time for Bloomsday. From almost every corner of the world the Jahnke material can now be viewed for the purposes of research and private study on the National Library website (www.nli.ie or direct link on www.joycefoundation.ch).”

“[T]hey have reduced work to a minimum there. They seem to be simple, polite and dignified folk. Well set up men and girls and women who laughed all the time, though perhaps my presence there explains their mirth” (James Joyce, Letters I, pp. 255-56)

On behalf of the International James Joyce Foundation, we invite you to a long the krommerun: the XXIV International James Joyce Symposium, Utrecht University, the Netherlands, 15th-20th June 2014. “All heartily welcome” (U 8.16).

Situated on the banks of the Kromme (i.e., “curved“) Rijn, now a branch but formerly the main course of the river Rhine, the city of Utrecht was founded as a garrison town by the Roman army defending the “limes”, the northernmost border of the Empire in mainland Europe. Now the capital of the province of Utrecht, and located geographically at the heart of the Netherlands (only 30 minutes by train from Schiphol Airport), the city consists of a charming late-medieval centre which folds out into such recently developed areas as Leidsche Rijn, a large suburb in which modern architecture and Roman remains co-exist. 


Please note All participants involved in the Academic Programme (i.e., delegates actually delivering papers, chairing panels, etc.) must be paid-up members of the International James Joyce Foundation. Recipients of an IJJF Scholarship, however, are exempt from this requirement. You can find a membership form here.

Your Host Committee Onno Kosters (Utrecht University | Symposium Director) David Pascoe (Utrecht University | Host & Academic Committee), Peter de Voogd (Utrecht University | Host  & Academic Committee), Tim Conley (Brock University | Academic Committee)


Free Wi-Fi Utrecht University provides free Wi-Fi for visitors. On your device, go to settings, find the uu-visitor network, open your web browser and accept terms and conditions. For questions, please contact visitor@uu.nl.



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A Portrait of the Artist: A work by the Dutch artist Nicole Montagne.

Molly & Bloom: A  stage adaptation by the Dutch actor Theo Pont; text for sale at the Symposium